music & skating/cycling

besides a scientist, I am a viola/in player and cyclist/skater.


I play viola in the Aachener Kammer Orchester and any local orchestra that needs some viola sound .

Next concert: 3d of December at 20h  in the Krönungssaal, Aachen. We play, amongst others, “Pisces” by Carl Lettinga, who happens to be my son. 

Skating and Cycling

Skating is about smoothness, speed and nature (though less and less). That is what I like about it. So I sprint and sprinted and have a couple of records and won a couple of races, as long as the distance was not too long. See the images below with some records I (still) hold.

Cycling is in principle just preparation for skating, but I spend a lot more time on my bike than on my blades. I live at the best cycling spot in the Netherlands: Terblijt! Check it.