Me and my collaborators

I’m part of this big IBI-4 group at FZ Jülich and the Soft matter and biophysics group (but we didn’t make a recent photo)

Dr. Pavlik Lettinga

I obtained my PhD in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and the Van `t Hoff Laboratory for Physical and Colloidal Chemistry, Debye-Instituut, University Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1999. My work included photo-physical characterization of fluorophores and their application in the study of the rotational dynamics of concentrated colloids. I joined in 2000 the Soft Condensed Matter group of Jan Dhont at the FZ Jülich, initially as post doc and since 2001 as staff member. In 2011 I habilitated in Physics at the Heinrich-Heine Universität, Düsseldorf, on the theme Dynamics and Flow Behaviour of Colloidal Rod-like particles. Since 2012 I am part-time professor at the KU Leuven. My main interest is to gain a microscopic understanding of the interplay between structure and flow. To this end, I have developed experimental techniques to study structure under flow, using neutron and X-ray scattering and light microscopy, for a broad range of systems.;

Dr. Peter Lang

Director of our group and specialist on colloidal structures and dynamics at interfaces.

Dr. Emmanuel Stiakakis (left)

Inventor of new matter. Few papers together, but lots of discussion.

Dr. Jan Dhont

Smoluchowski Theorist. In my case: theory of rods in flow.

Students and Alumni

Margot Bellenguez
PhD Student
Red Blood Cells in 3D micro fluidics
Lens Dedroog
PhD student in KU Leuven
Cell growth in aligned extracellular matrices.
Olivera Korculanin
former PhD student
Present at IBI-6, FZ Jülich.
Amirreza Gholivand
PhD Student
Red Blood Cells in 3D micro-fluidics
Christian Lang
former PhD student
Present in VTA Technologie GmbH (VTA)
Mehrnaz Babaki
former PhD Student
Present at Uniklinikum Köln

There were other students, but I will update that later.